Vitatreal Condro Tablet

200 tablets

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Type-3 OCT Drugs
Risks are relatively low. It does not interfere with everyday life, but includes components that may cause modulation and malfunction of the body.

=> Most of the pain in the knees and waist of middle and old age is said to be osteoarthritis and the joint cartilage playing the role of cushion between the bones declines and is often worn out. Chondroitin is an articular cartilage, and contained within are functions of elasticity and water retention, but will weaken with age, so it must be replenished to eliminate pain.

=> This drug is mainly composed of chondroitin sulfate, effectively contains vitamin B6, B12, E, including full sulfithiamine (vitamin B1 derivative) acting strongly on nerves and muscles, so it is effective for knee, joint pain, lower back pain, neuralgia, shoulder pain, etc. Has an excellent effect. Glucosamine hydrochloride is blended as a buffer for absorption in the stomach.

=> Glucosamine hydrochloride is incorporated as a buffer for absorption in the stomach.


# Relaxation of the following symptoms : neuralgia, muscle pain, arthralgia (back pain, stiff shoulder, frozen shoulder, etc.) , numbness of limbs, constipation, asthenopia

# "However, if improvement is not seen after about 1 month with these symptoms, please consult a doctor, pharmacist or a dentist."

# Supplementation of vitamin B1 in the following cases : physical fatigue, during pregnancy · lactation, after physical strength decrease after illness

Daily dose : 6 tablets
Chondroitin sulfate ester 900 mg, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B 6) 30 mg, fursultiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B 1 derivative) 109.16 mg * 100 mg as full sulfithiamine, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B 12) 60 μg, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) 30 mg.
Additives : glucosamine hydrochloride (buffer) , crystalline cellulose, carmellose, lactose hydrate, light anhydrous, silicic acid, hydrated silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, hibromelose, macrogol, talc, titanium oxide, yellow ferric oxide.
Usage and Dosage
Please take after eating.
  Adults (15 years +) : 2 tablets each, 3 times a day
  7 - 14 years : 1 tablet each, 3 times a day.
  Children should take it under the guidance and supervision of parents.
1 . Store in a cool, dry place avoiding direct sunlight.
2 . Keep away from children.
3 . Remove the cotton from the container after opening.
4 . Do not eat the wrapped package in the container. Its purpose is to keep the contents dry.
5 . Keep closed tightly. Moisure will cause quality change.
6 . Do not handle melted tablets in your hand as discoloration may occur.
7 . Do not take if past the expiration date.
8 . Please record on the container the date in which you opened it.
9 . Please consume the product within 6 months after opening.
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(This link destination is a Japanese page.)